Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal is most popular among the visitor who is coming to visit Nepal from around the world because here, visitors can see wildlife such as the Royal Bengal tiger, Gharial and Mugger crocodiles, the black buck, blue bull, swamp deer, musk deer, and the last breed of Asiatic wild buffalo as well different birds too.

Nepal is a land of extreme contrasts in climate and geography. It has a unique topography ranging from lowlands with sub-tropical jungles to arctic conditions in the Himalayan highlands. Within a mere 150 kilometers, the land rises from near sea level in the south to over 8,000 meters in the north. This together with the monsoon rainfall along the south facing slopes has resulted in compacting virtually all climate zones found on planet earth as result, Nepal has been endowed with the great diversity of life- zones providing a home for a large variety, birds, and animals, therefore, jungle safari in Nepal is popular day by day.

Terai lowland is the richest habitat with the tall grasslands interspersed with reverie and hardwood sal forest. Here one can see wildlife such as the swamp deer, musk deer, black buck, blue bull, and the Royal Bengal tiger, Gharial and Mugger crocodiles, and the last breed of Asiatic wild buffalo. This area is also rich in birdlife with the verity of babblers and Orioles, Koles and drongos, peacocks and floricans, and a multitude of wintering wildfowl.

Once the famous big game hunting areas in Asia, Chitwan National Park now offers protection to a large array of mammals such as the one- horned rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, sloth bear and the gaur ( wild bison ) as well as more than 400 species of birds.

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